Conventioneers are to Gaians, as Goons are to what?

"The Conventioneers showed up at AN07 as expected, but made the mistake of coming close to the Gaia Online gathering. Con Ops was notified immediately. The Conventioneers were banned as media from this convention."

Blah BLah blah... grow the fuck up, both of you sub-cultures.

It's healthy to have a sense of humour about yourselves, obviously these guys are related to you: bitching nonstop about everything.

You seek attention, yet you hate it?

Oh shit man... is it because you are 30+ years old, and your parents haven't found out about it? Like Frost?

Taking a lifelong vow of secrecy, then turning on your kids (though furries rarely have kids since everyone's a fag), turning on the media, and turning on everyone that differs their own thoughts, just make you suck ass!
duh duh DUH!

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You guys are too dramatastic.

Reading this comm makes me laugh.

I looked at the list to see who was all reading this and something struck me as odd. How many LAFF drama llamas do we need?
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'Sup, guys? Found out some hilarious stuff from a friend of mine on LAFF NYE staff (who shall remain nameless) the other day. Apparently there was an executive decision to kick both Sema and Riley off staff because of...certain improprieties. Well, Sema's understandable, because she's a bitch and nobody likes her, but Riley's case is funny as hell.

From what I was told, the reason Riley was kicked off staff was because of shit he was pulling at last year's party. He was at the door supposedly checking people's IDs and whatnot, but he failed at that, and failed at life in the process. It was discovered that he was not doing his job, and just allowed ANYTHING as a form of ID. I mean, come on. A con badge done by Jim Groat is accepted as a form of ID? *rolls eyes and sighs*

Also, more lulz surrounding Riley that I obtained from a different source (also nameless)...apparently he was supposed to go to Sema's GTFO party with another individual and prank the living hell out of everybody there. Well, Riley couldn't keep his damned mouth shut and blabbed about it, so of course, now people knew. Best part of all this is that he blamed his mate, Blue (or L'il Blue, or whatever the fuck his name I care), saying that Blue was the one that blabbed. When Blue was confronted with this, he simply replied with a big ol' can of "WTF?!" Insta-lulz!

Feel free to talk amongst yourselves, ;).
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I suggest we open up Anon posting to encourage trolling. That's what this community is for. Duh.

If you can't handle an Anon responding to you, well.. fuck off.


This week alone I have deleted out of my inbox a couple HUNDRED emails from LAFF, related to all sorts of drama and lolz. Seriously, WTF? About as bad as the bowling drama!

No one cares about your birthday or your alternate birthdays.

No one cares about what you do in your spare time. Honestly, half of those were like OMG I DO THIS I'M SO SUPER COOL! or I DON'T DO ANYTHING BECAUSE I HAVE NO CAR OR JOB OR FRIENDS AND I CAN'T GET LAID. Big deal. You wanna know what I do at home? That's none of your business, but a good chunk is spent laughing at you guys.
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I'm getting SICK of this!

I have been in the furry fandome for 40 years, and now all this drama is enough. I'm tired of that one guy who dosen't think I'm right... so therefore you all suck. So I'm announceing to you all that I am leaving this fandom.

I repeat I'm leaving, and it's all because of you people and your drama. I remember when there was no drama, before the last time I left. So I'm announceing that I'm leaving, because it's of great importance to you all. So, take your drama elsewhere, because I'm not dramatic at all.

So after 40 years in the fandom and on this list. I'm leaving.