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Try being a productive member of society...


I saw a journal entry this morning I believe in the commuunity and deleted it. No questions asked. If you found it and read it before I deleted it, cool...if too. I really don't care, like, hate or whatever the person who posted the entry. I'm pretty neutral.

I understand that people go through shit and sometimes it can bring other people into it. Instead of trying to call someone out on their problems...why not be a productive member of society and lend a helping hand. Sure it can be funny at somebody's expense.

I'll admit though, I can get a kick out of hearing someone else doing some stupid shit that got them in trouble with the police, an ex or a religious figure. 

But here's the kicker...

let's look at the last sentence and figure out what makes this important. Give yourself a few to check it out. See that one word? You got it? Yes, it's the word "Stupid".

There's a difference to people who do stupid things and people who are just helpless. My morals and shit raised me to look at this situation a certain way. So sue me...

Although, I generally don't care about people's drama enough to really make a response. What I "DO" care about is when people harp on other people when they're down.


Joe and Jane Doe have a bitch-fest because they're a couple. They have "X" amount of problems and could use some "help". 

John is a "(Insert relaionship status here)" and decides to flame them to other people by means of internet, phone calls, protests, genocide , etc etc etc...

My Response:





2nd Example:

Joe and Jane Doe have had serious problems and are on the brink of destruction. Problems could or could not involve abuse, mental deficiencies, shitty history, a goat, pie, etc, etc, etc...

John notices some signs and decides to help in some small/large  "PRO-ductive" way. Whether his relationship to either or both is small or great.

My Response:




So in short (not really), here's my little tid bit if help if anyone need's it... Whatever your problems may be...

Health Shit

National Domestic Violence Hotline


Go to google and type any of these words/phrases: "counseling", "hospitals", "clinics", etc ,etc, etc... 

Preferably with the word "LOCAL"  in front of it.

that's my 2 cents on some stuff. Which is more then I usuall tend to give out.


- K`


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