Artemis (artyskox) wrote in laffdrama,

the pizza hut fiasco

I haven't been to a laff event in awhile, so I thought something casual like dinner would be a nice way to meet some new furs. I had met the organizer before so it was easy to spot the group. We hung out, shared some breadsticks and chatted until more showed up.

Then it happened, the few more showed up. One in a full Cats style costume and makeup, another with a fox tail, paws and collar, then 3rd a full fursuit walked through the door! As they approached our table the entire restaurant stared at our table all mouthing a 'what the fuck!?' --almost disturbingly in unison. Children began to cry and fathers were on the edge of their seats ready to defend their moral values against the blatent deviants of society.

I curled in a ball, hoping no one would see me as the fursuiter tried to grab food from the buffet. Unable to see he kept repeating hitting his muzzle on the sneeze guard grabbing randomly at slices, asking if he was grabbing the right one. I thought the worst was past until the cat put his plate on the ground and began to eat on all fours, with an occasional meow looking up at me.. Was I supposed to wipe the pizza off his face? Please tell me this isn't how he communicates?? I hid in the bathroom avoiding what I later heard were some of the worst embarassments of the night.

Finally, breaking health codes as the fox's paws brushed over every pizza , the manager stomped out screaming and pointing for us to leave. It was hard to understand but loud as heck as the fursuiter mumbled through his head - "Don't fursecute me!"

We hung our heads to the ground as we sulked out. I lit a cigarette on the stoop while the group decided where to head next. The entire restaurant pointed and laughed at us. I don't think that image will ever leave my mind. I've never cried myself to sleep like that before.

What did I miss while hiding?
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